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About Us

The Haunted Labyrinth is the major fundraiser for the Rejoice in Hope Youth Center, a part of the Youth Ministry of the Diocese of Providence. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of our youth. Our haunted house is run entirely by adult and youth volunteers. It started many years ago with the goal of encouraging leadership and ministry while providing a scary and fun attraction to the public.

How It Came To Be

The Haunted Labyrinth first began in 1985 as a simple Haunted House started by a group of teenagers from St. Lawrence Church in North Providence, RI and the Providence North Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) Center to raise money for the Center. The Haunted House was constructed in the gym on the St. Lawrence Church property and was even advertised on WHJY-FM.

In 1989, the Providence North CYO Center merged with the Providence South CYO Center. This merger is also what brought the Haunted House to its current home at 804 Dyer Avenue in Cranston, RI, now known as the Rejoice In Hope CYO Center.

In the early 1990's, the CYO Center bought out Scream in the Dark, a popular Tops' Field Massachusetts attraction. This helped elevate the Haunted House with new masks, costumes, and props. The house itself went through a change in design to make it longer and mores space efficient. This time period is also when we officially became The Haunted Labyrinth.

As we hit the new millennium, The Haunted Labyrinth morphed once more, adopting many of the traits it is known for today. The Victorian House facade was first constructed, becoming the influence for our logo. During this time was also when we began doing themed haunts, which has become our most popular feature to this day.

As important as the raising of funds for our organization, so too is the ministry that takes place each year.  Countless youth and adults from parishes within the Diocese of Providence have participated in this event by assisting with the building, the acting and often as excited customers, experiencing it as a parish group.  The lives of many young people have been changed as a result of their activity with this event.  Many saw this as an introductory activity and have continued to be involved with the many other opportunities that are offered during the remaining of the year.

Other Information:


  • Building coordinators start designing the Haunted Labyrinth in February and continue until July.


  • Building of the haunted house starts in July and lasts until just before opening weekend.


  • Our dedicated volunteers give their time many nights a week for 3 hours or more.


  • Haunted Labyrinth and the Rejoice in Hope youth center serves over 143 parishes and church groups statewide.


  • Haunted Labyrinth would not be possible without the support and dedication of not only our volunteers but also our loyal customers! 

Past Themes

18th Season - The Graveyard (2002)

19th Season - Alien Invasion (2003)

20th Season - House of Fears (2004)

21st Season - 20 Years of Scares (2005)

22nd Season - The Don Marco Hotel (2006)

23rd Season - The City of No Return (2007)

24th Season - Cirque D'Horreur (2008)

25th Season - Behind The Screams (2009)

26th Season - The Mansion of Mystery (2010)

27th Season - Nightmares (2011)

28th Season - The End (2012)

29th Season - Once Upon A Nightmare (2013)

30th Season - The Workshop of Horrors (2014)

31st Season - The Camp of No Return (2015)

32nd Season - Cirque D'Horreur Returns (2016)

33rd Season - The Lost Mine (2017)
34th Season - Escape From Wonderland (2018)

35th Season - Grimm University (2019)

36th Season - Space Station 13 (2020)

37th Season - The Midnight Masquerade (2021)

38th Season - The Isle of Dread (2022)

39th Season - Nightmares Retold (2023)

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